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It’s easy to feel like we live in a world where it’s not okay to be not okay.  Stories change the space around us, stories build bridges.  Writing down our feelings frees us.  We bottle things up and brush things off instead of being open about how we are really feeling, which can be damaging to the human soul.  There isn’t anywhere to put that sadness, outside of a therapeutic situation. 
Everybody needs a little creativity in their lives.  Not having an outlet for feelings can harm our quality of life.  There are a silent epidemic and a long history of survivors suffering from the effects of unresolved trauma.  Humans equate strength with silence, which can be a barrier to health.  Writing for therapeutic benefit enables survivors to be known, seen, heard, and involved in something meaningful.  Feeling valued does wonder for our well-being.  

The cause of the problem is stress, it changes the way the body functions. Stress kills, we should not ignore it.  Pain and all sorts of other illnesses are generated in the body by the tension of stress hormones.  A holistic approach and encouraging writing can help patients lower their stress levels and become more relaxed.  All it takes is a few minutes to elicit the relaxation response. Evidence-based treatments such as transformative creative writing have even proven to alleviate the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

  • The mission is to empower writers to take control of their talent, so they can achieve their writing goals.

  • The vision is to promote the therapeutic benefits of creative writing for optimum mental health.